Rail Europe

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Rail Europe is a third party provider of Eurail, Interrail and other select passes


The same general guidelines usually apply for the passes on Rail Europe as they do for Eurail.com, apart from slight variations. The individual passes such as adult, youth, saver and child vary depending on country of choice.

However, through Rail Europe only – Seniors over the age of 60 are eligible for a discounted rate.

Only offered on certain passes and specific trains, these senior rates are generally on 1st class travel only on select passes

Some of the rail passes offered by Rail Europe ( subject to change and may vary) are

Central Europe Triangle Pass, The European East Pass, The Balkan Flexi Pass, Eurail Drive Pass, Eurail Select Pass and Drive Eurail Ireland Rail ‘n Drive, Eurail Italy Rail ‘n Drive, France Rail Pass, France Day Pass, France Rail n’ Drive, German Rail Pass German Rail n’ Drive, Swiss Pass, Swiss Card, BritRail Pass + Ireland, BritRail London Plus Pass, BritRail Central Scotland Pass, BritRail Freedom of Scotland Pass, BritRail Consecutive Pass, BritRail Flexi Pass