Most popular is the Lisbon- Porto route, stopping at Braga, Gaia Aveiro, Coimbra, Lisbon and Faro.RedBookNow on traintripmaster.com

CP (Caminhos de Ferro Portugueses) is Portugal’s national rail provider.

High speed trains don’t run all across Portugal. Book tickets up to 30 days in advance. It’s best to book in advance as to avoid long queues at the stations.

Two types of Seating Accommodation: Conforto (first) and Turística (second). Seating reservation is compulsory on the Alfa Pendula (AP High Speed) and Intercity trains. Interegional (IR) and Regional (R) trains don’t acquire seating reservations.

ALFA Pendular offers buffet car, mini bar, audio and video channels (ear-phones are distributed), nappy changing facilities, toilets and special places reserved for reduced mobility passengers. The IC trains have buffet bar service.

 Train Types

The Alfa Pendular (AP high speed) trains runs between Lisbon and Porto, offering both Conforto (1ST) and Turistica (second) class. Intercidade (IC) operates surrounding Portuguese cities. Interregional (IR) trains cover most of Portuguese rail networks.Regional (R) travels through smaller towns and villages.

CP rail Portugal
Special Offers and Discounts

 Children under 4 go free, children 4-11 receive 50% off standard fare. If 10 or more people are travelling together there are discounts available. Seniors age 65 and older get 50% discounts on all the regional, interregional and Coimbra Urban trains. European Youth Card holders gets 30% off all urban, regional and interregional services. For distances longer than 90km, you can get a 20% discount on intercity train and 10% off Alfa Pendular (AP) trains. Special family discounts on Saturdays. Receive reduced car rental for certain hire companies/rental periods. Special car parking prices at some stations. Special promotional discount prices on a number of hotels in Portugal, once you display your train ticket.