Japan JR services

Known as the JR Group, with six regional operators for Hokkaido, RedBookNow on traintripmaster.comEast, Central, West, Shikoku and Kyushu

There is a nationwide network and common ticket rules so passengers can travel a variety of different companies and not have to change tickets. Japanese stations are very clean and modern, all station signs and departure boards are translated into English. JR services are extremely punctual.

Two types of Classes: Ordinary and Green. Ordinary class stands for Economy/2nd class seating, while Green class indicates 1st class seating. Ordinary class includes both reserved seating and non-reservation seats. On long-distance journeys, sleeping berths are available onboard for an additional surcharge.

Coin Lockers at Japanese stations are not built to keep large suitcases/baggage, so it  recommended that passengers travel as lightly as possible

Wi-Fi Internet available to all. Surcharges for upgrades to 1st class (green car) or sleeping cars. No extra change for seating reservation. Seating Reservations can be made at JR stations
Special offers & discounts

Kids under 6 go free. Kids between the ages of 6-11 get a half price adult fare only on their first day of travel.

Roundtrips of more than 600km one way, receive a 10% discount on their basic fare. Most passes offer extra bonus such as free local bus/train travel while your rail pass is still valid.

For trips that covers both Shinkansen and connecting lines; the surcharge is reduced by 50%. Ticket must be used within a day and passengers must have to change trains for the connecting lines.

Certain Japanese regions offer reduced prices for specific train routes. Off peak periods of travel, have lower surcharges.