Canada – Via Rail

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Rockies Pacific; Toronto-Vancouver, Jasper-Prince Rupert, Victoria-Courtenay, Prairies/Northern Manitoba

Ontario Québec; Toronto-Montréal, Toronto-Ottawa, Toronto-Windsor, Toronto-Sarnia, Toronto-Niagara Fals

 Atlantic Canada; Winnipeg-Churchill, The Pas-Pukatawagan

Ottawa-Montréal; Montréal-Québec City,  Montréal-Jonquière

Montréal-Senneterre; Montréal-Gaspé, Sudbury-White River, Toronto-Kingston, Toronto-London

Atlantic Canada; Montréal-Halifax


Toronto- Vancouver

4 day overnight journey between Toronto-Vancouver. Scenic highlight includes the magnificent Rocky Mountains. Passengers can choose from reserved Economy seats or reserved Sleeper Touring class. Economy class seating, Skyline Car (Café/Lounge), Dining Car with priority made for the sleeper touring class. Sleeping Accommodation varies from cabins for one to four or suites. Departures from thrice weekly from both directions

Jasper-Prince Rupert

 Two day journey from Jasper to Prince Rupert. The train stops over in Prince George for the night, so passengers need to book a nights stay in a hotel. Touring Class is available from early June to mid-September. Total length of journey 1 day, 8 hours +.  Amenities include: Economy class seating, Lounge and 360-degree panoramic views. Exclusively available to Touring class ticket holders from June to September. Economy class has access also from October to May. Touring class receive complimentary food and drinks. Price, vary for Supersaver, Discounted or Regular fare. Runs three times weekly serving Jasper, Prince George, Prince Rupert


One daily train journey. A hotspot for backpackers. Takes 4 and half hours. Economy Class Seating.

Prairies and Northern Manitoba

Runs across the subarctic region of Northern Manitoba over 1700km in two days. Economy and Business class seats. Dining Cars. Departs twice weekly in both directions.


Multiple journeys seven days a week. Takes almost 5hrs non stop or over 5 and half hours with a departure via Ottawa. Business and Economy. Six daily departures from both Toronto and Montreal with reduced weekend services


Daily train with Economy or Business Class. Takes almost 5 hours. Reserved Business and Economy class seating. Five daily rides weekdays, down to three at weekends


Direct downtown travel, takes almost 4 hours five times a day seven days a week. Economy Class and Business class


Twice daily services between Toronto, London and Sarnia in south western Ontario. Takes over 4hrs. Economy Class


Toronto – Niagara Falls

Twice daily, popular with tourists. Check with custom requirements before you depart. Takes over 4hrs. Economy Class


Six times daily seven days a week, down to four on weekends. Takes under 2hrs.


Montréal-Québec City

Five times a day train journeys between two of the most famous French Canadian cities, down to three at weekends. Takes under 2 hr. Economy and Business class


Travels up to 500km north to Jon Jonquière and takes almost 9 hours. Economy and Business class


Popular with sightseers, takes 11hr and half hrs, operates three days a week. Economy


An overnight train that runs three times a week. Scenic highlights include the Chaleur Bay, St. Lawrence River and the Matapedia Valley. Takes almost 18hrs. Economy class or Sleeper Car with cabins and berths

Sudbury-White River

Operates three times weekly from each destination. Total duration of trip under 9hrs. Economy class


Multiple Daily train services. Total duration of trip under 9hrs. Business and Economy class seating


Takes over 2hrs. Business and Economy class seating

Montréal-Halifax (the Ocean)

Also known as ‘The Ocean’ is an overnight train journey. Operates 6 days a week. Scenic highlights include the St Lawrence River. Economy, Sleeper or Touring Sleeper Class (available only from June to October). Total duration of the trip almost 22 hrs. Amenities vary from Renaissance Style to Stainless Steel Style