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Getting Around

Airport to Train Station; Brno-Turany : Bus Service to the train station every half an hour. Karlovy Vary: The Czech Republic train service operates an Airport Express Bus that connects with all of the main trains, it takes 30 minutes. Pardubice: Czech airlines shuttle bus travels to Dejvicka train station every 30 minutes. Prague: Airport Express bus travels from the main Train & Bus station.


Ticket & Discounts

Junior discounts are available for those aged 15-25 years. Senior – Those over 70 years may avail of a 25% discount in designated areas. Free travel services and express passenger trains. Discounts for group tours organized by the primary schools located in the CR. Group discounts granted in 2nd class only for a common journey of 2 people minimum and 30 persons maximum. Return journey reduction is granted to any passenger either for a basic or reduced price if he/she purchases a return ticket.

If your Eurail Pass is valid in the Czech Republic, you can get a discount on a motorcoach service from Prague to Germany and other discounts. You can obtain benefits locally by showing your Eurail Pass, or you can contact the specific benefit company in advance. You can use free benefits only during travel days. You can avail of bike hire at a reduced rate.

Buy a return train ticket plus Airport second class to the destination airport Prague (NAD) for the price of an ordinary second one-way ticket.

Free airport shuttle to the airport Ostrava to passengers with a valid ticket. Special fares to Chairlift Liberec-Upper Hanychov – Jested.

Business – Business class ticket available allows unlimited travel in first class with added benefits such as free airport transport on the Airport Express in Prague.


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Onboard Stuff


Seats and Beds –For domestic trains in the Czech Republic seat reservations are required for the Intercity (IC) and EuroCity (EC) trains, as well as for the SC SuperCity high-speed line.   Reservations can be made at a train station or through the Czech railways eShop. There are some international trains to and from the Czech Republic that require a reservation fee, like the EuroCity to Vienna.


Baggage; You can store your luggage in lockers for a limited time for an extra charge. Conditions for luggage storage and rental storage lockers and prices and fees for renting storage lockers can be different for each station and are posted at each station equipped with vault or the storage lockers.

Station stuff; Lockers – Prague has luggage lockers that will fit a backpack or small case

The Small Print; Seat Reservations are not required for most domestic trains.For InterCity, EuroCity, and theSuperCity trains or any international services, seating reservations are required.