General Rules

RedBookNow on For EU/Russian/Turkish citizens (or non EU citizens who have been resident in a European country for more than 6 months).

You can’t use the pass in your own country of residence.

You must show your passport, id card or permit when buying an InterRail Pass.

Inter Rail passes can only to be used by the bearer.

If your pass gets lost or stolen, it can’t be re-issued or refunded (unless returned before the first date of validity).

Buy your pass up to three months in advance of the first date you intend to travel.

Discounts are available for under 26 in 2nd class ; children aged 4-11 years only pay half of the adult fare and children aged 3 and under go free (you can get only one discount per pass).

Reduced fares for passengers aged 60 and over apply for the global pass only.

On certain train routes you may be required to reserve your seat and pay a supplement.

Travel benefits vary between individual countries

Types of InterRail


Global Passes

Global Pass, One Country Pass Global Pass, Choice of 15 days, 22 days or 1 month continuous, Choice of 5 days within 10 days, Choice of 10 days within 22 days

Where can the pass be used?

Unlimited travel on the rail networks on all EU states (excluding Cyprus Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Malta) and unlimited rail travel with non-EU states such as Croatia, FYP Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Switzerland and Turkey

One Country Pass

This pass gives you unlimited train travel in the country of your choice: Non EU countries e.g. Croatia, FYP Macedonia, Serbia, Switzerland and Turkey All EU Countries excluding Cyprus Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands and Malta You cannot use this pass in your own country of residence. Available for 3, 4, 6 or 8 days within one month.