Mexico Copper Canyon Railway

Mexico Copper Canyon Railway on traintripmaster.comTrains depart daily from Chihuahua and Los Mochis. Scenic highlights include Pacific Coast, Copper Canyon, the Tarahumara Indians, Sierra Madre Mountains, Sonora Desert and Tarahumara Mountain. Perfect for those who enjoy scenery, history and unique travel experiences. Passengers are encouraged to bring onboard food, drink and toilet roll!

All overnight stays are in hotels/hostels, not included in the price of your ticket. Passengers are allowed to stop-over at destinations for up to ten days.

Two types of train: first class and second class. First class trains: Reclining Seating, cleaning washrooms and toilets, dinning/bar area. Second class trains: More train stops and snacks sold at vendor machines. International tourists are recommended to use first class

Ticket fares are at competitive prices. Air-conditioning provided. Whew


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