Croatian Railway

RedBookNow on traintripmaster.comMain Routes: Zagreb, Rijeka, Istria Split and direct lines to neighbouring countrie. Croatian Railway (HZ) is the main rail provider.

Tickets can be brought and reserved at any train station.Cannot be brought on the Croatian website, only via Rail Europe. Tickets from Rail Europe include the reservation fee. Train service does not cater for the city of Dubrovnik.

Reservations are required for overnight/high speed trains however, they are very cheap. Mainly 2nd class seating is offered, with InterCity trains providing both 1st and 2nd class. First class seating is recommended for tourists.

Train Types

Intercity trains: High Speed and comfortable, reservations required and connections between Zagreb, Croatian cities such as Rjeka and Osijek. Domestic, regional trains: Slow speed and mainly offering 2nd class seating.

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Special Offers & Discounts

Disabled people get 75% off all rail travel. Their companion travels free. Group travel of 15 or more students receive 40-50% off the standard fare. High school students get 40% off travel for any travel over 25km and 55% for regular school transport. Must have K-18 certification.

Travellers who buy return tickets for distances greater than 25km get a 25% discount off the fare. Group travel of 5+ adults get 20% off distances greater than 25km. Buy a return ticket for a trip longer than 100km and their return ticket validity period is extended to 2 months long. Senior citizens 60+ get 30% off ticket fares for distances longer than 25km. Must have K-33 cert and valid ID.

ISIC, EURO-26, hi.euro cardholders are given 25% off the regular fare when travelling more than 25km.

Plenty of discounts for international travel

20% off two-way trips to Slovenia, 30% off seniors and youths fares to Slovenia and 40% off when travelling fair, cultural and sporting events in Slovenia. 60% off for return trip to Hungary. 30% discount when travelling to Serbia, Montenegro and Macedoni.  20% off two way trip to Bosina, Herezgovina and Serbia. 50-100% discount for kids travelling alone. Between 10-70% discount for groups 6+ travelling internationally.70% off for youths travelling to Croatian, Slovenia and Austria