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Getting Around

Airport to Train Station;Zagreb: Direct bus link to the bus station then a tram to the main bus station. Rijeka: Bus journey takes 30 minutes.


Tickets & Discounts

Disabled people get 75% of all rail travel. Their companion travels free. Senior citizens 60+ get 30% off ticket fares for distances longer than 25km. Must have K-33 cert and valid ID.  Youths between 12-26 who are Croatian citizens or permanently living in Croatia get 30% off the fare when travelling more than 25km.

Group travel of 15 or more students receives 40-50% off the standard fare. Group travel of 5+ adults get 20% off distances greater than 25km. 50-100% discount for kids travelling alone. Between 10-70% discounts for groups 6+ travelling internationally.

70% off for youths travelling to Croatia, Slovenia and Austria. High school students get 40% off travel for any travel over 25km and 55% for regular school transport.

Travellers who buy return tickets for distances greater than 25km get a 25% discount off the fare. Buy a return ticket for a trip longer than 100km and their return ticket validity period is extended. 

There are also plenty of discounts available for international travel routes.

20% off two-way trips to Slovenia, 30% off seniors and youths fares to Slovenia and 40% off when travelling to fair, cultural and sporting events in Slovenia. 60% off for a return trip to Hungary. 30% discount when travelling to Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia.  20% off two way trip to Bosnia, Herzegovina and Serbia


flag on traintripmasterOnboard Stuff


Seats and Beds: Many locals trains only offer2nd class seating. Express trains offer both 1st and 2nd class seating. Overnight trains from Zagreb to Zadar and Split offer sleeping cars with 1, 2 or 3 bed compartments.


Baggage: Best to travel light. 2 Bags max.

Onboard Services: Food cart service onboard.

Station stuff: The train station in Zagreb contains left luggage facilities.

The small print;  You can buy tickets and reserve seats at the station, with any major credit card. For the Intercity (IC) from Zagreb to Rijeka/Osijek/Cakovec seat reservation is compulsory.