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Bulgarian State Railway operates all rail services in Bulgaria. Train ticket is very cheap in comparison to other EU countries. Strongly recommend buying the Bulgaria passes. As without rail passes, travellers are expected to wait in long queues at the station for local tickets.Travellers must reserve seats on the Express trains for a small cost. This can be done at the departing stations.

Most intercity trains are brand new modern trains, however local ones are not. Costs a couple of cents to store luggage onboard.

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Special Offers and Discounts

Buy a return ticket and get 10% off.

Kids between 7-10 yrs of age get 50% off regular prices. Kids must have a railway card.

Small groups between  3-6 people are given 15% off on one-way fare tickets.

20% reduction for certain routes on fast and express trains from June -September.

Travel up to 50km in suburban zones at weeks or on official holidays and 20% off return tickets.

Groups of 10+ people get 20% discount off return ticket.

Youth, Classic and Railcard ‘O’ holders can purchase passes with 25% off and train tickets for 50% off.

Railcard 26M and Railcard S card hold receive 25% off on the prices of international tickets.

Students gets 30% off rail travel.

ISIC and DSK ISIC cardholders get 50% off regular prices and passes.

Seniors citizens receive 50% off with railway cards.

Students can get 75% off standard fares if ten or more are travelling as a group.

Free rail travel for children under 7, disabled people, war veterans and mothers with many kids