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Oslo: Airport Express Train every 10 minutes. Journey takes 19 minutes.


Ticket types & Discounts

Family discount – Children go free with each full-fare adult ticket, one child aged between 4 and 15 can travel free with you on all departures. Other children over 4 travel at half price. Children under 4 always travel free, whether the adult holds a standard ticket or a discounted ticket.

Season ticket holders, commuters and students can choose a duration and validity date to suit their needs. There are 7-day or 30-day tickets – each with their own benefits.

Student – always entitled to discounts on NSB trains. Remember to carry your student identity card. You will receive a 25% discount on standard tickets for all departures. Students between the age of 16 and 30 also receive approximately 40% discount on 30-days season tickets.

Senior – 50% concessionary discount. Persons who have reached 67 years of age, disabled passengers and the blind qualify for 50% discount.

One child under the age of 16 accompanied by an adult on a standard fare (ordinær) ticket travels free.  

Children aged 4-15 are entitled to a 50% discount on the price of an adult ticket.  Children under the age of 4 always travel free, whether the adult holds a standard ticket or a discounted ticket.  50% discount for disabled passengers & the person accompanying (for Norwegian citizens only).  If 10 or more of you are travelling with NSB, you’ll qualify for a group discount.

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Seats and Beds – sleeper compartments are available on certain routes (Oslo – Trondheim, Oslo – Stavanger, Oslo – Bergen, Trondheim – Bodø).

Baggage e – Dogs and other pets are allowed on trains as long as they are supervised by their owners. Within Norway, you can take your bicycle with you on most trains.

Onboard Services– The Norwegian Railway Company has launched free internet access on board its regional train services.

Station stuff – Left luggage boxes available in some stations.

The Small Print;  Reservation fees in Norway