Peru Hiram Bingham

peru train on traintripmasterTravels between the ancient city of Cusco to the Lost City of Machu Picchu. Scenic attractions include Jaquijahuana, historic remains of a large Inca city, Urubamba river and The Fortress in the Sacred Valley. Lavishly designed with luxurious 1920 Pullman carriage interior onboard. Privately owned by the Orient Express and operated by PeruRai.

Train departs Cuzco in the morning daily. Guests are treated to brunch while on their way to Machu Picchu, where they can visit the ancient citadel in the afternoon. Beautiful scenery of Peru’s hidden villages and the untouched mountain hills of Andes. Complimentary guided tour of the citadel in Machu Picchu.

2 dining cars, bar car, kitchen car and seating carriages for up to 84 guests. Return trip in the evening, the guest are then treated to live entertainment onboard, pre-dinner cocktails and 4- course dinner. Takes 3 ½ hours


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