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Getting Around

Airport to Train Station

Verona: Bus to Verona Porta Nova Train Station from the outside of the arrivals section. Venice: Bus to Mestre train station and on to Milan, Venezia, Trento or Udine. Rome/Roma Leonardo Express (Fast Train) operates from the airport non-stop to Roma Termini train station. Bergamo: Take the bus from the airport to the Central Railway Station. Milan/Milano: Airport Buses connect to the Central Railway Station. Takes 20 minutes. Airport Buses also stop at Lambrate railway station. Milan: Airport Railway runs services to Milan Cadorna railway station


Tickets and Special Offers

Family/Group discounts for 3-5 people travelling together with at least 1 adult and one 1 child under 12 receive 50% discount (30% for berths) for kids up to 12 yrs and 20% off for the other members. Buy special discount cards on the Trenitalia website and receive 25% off on international tickets either 1st or 2nd. Same-day Return Offers. Carnet 10 Journeys: Save 20% on Frecciarossa and Frecciargento trains. Flexible Tickets: Buy a flexible ticket and change it even after departure of train with only 25% additional charge.

Mini Price Offers: discounts for up to 60% between Italy’s major cities. Avail of smart prices on the train from Italy to Switzerland, Artesia Trains to Paris, Allegro Trains to Vienna and on the Venezia Euronight

Discounts on open bus tours of Rome when you book with Trenitalia, just display with train ticket upon arrival.

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Seats and Beds - 1st and 2nd class seating. There are direct overnight sleeper trains from Paris to Milan, Bologna, Florence, Rome, Verona,Venice.

Baggage e.g. bikes - bikes can travel on any train if they are semi-dismantled and placed in zip-up bike bags, or they can travel in the luggage van on most local & regional trains as long as you have purchased a bicycle pass. However, bikes are not carried on either the Artesia sleeper trains or the Paris-Milan Artesia TGV trains, except unofficially as carry-on luggage in zip-up bike bags.  If you take a bike on the Paris-Italy overnight trains in a zip-up bike bag. You can stash your luggage on the racks above the seats, or on dedicated shelves which are located near the ends of every coach, if you have larger bags.

Onboard Services e.g. Wi-Fi - varies

Station stuff  Most major stations in Italy have a staffed left luggage office

The small print;  Tickets can only be collected at Italian stations or sent to Italian addresses

Various trains in Italy require a seat reservation. Eurail Pass holders have to pay an additional fee for these reservations. Reservation is compulsory for these premium trains: Eurostar AV, Eurostar Italia, Eurostar City. Reservation is optional for InterCity and Express trains. Overnight trains also require reservation of the sleeping compartments. For regional and local trains reservation is not necessary.

In Italy, buying a train ticket does not guarantee getting a seat on the train. Before you board your train, it is important to ensure that you validate your train ticket.