RedBookNow on traintripmaster.comTGV railway specialises in train travel in France and neighbouring countries; Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland and Belgium

Travels to Paris, Nice, Bordeaux, Avignon, Lyon & Rennes – Luxembourg, Germany, Brussels & Geneva. From north to south, east to west, TGV connects 200 French cities.

Tickets can be posted to any address worldwide (except the US) free of charge, picked up at the station counter or printed off at self-serve electronic ticketing. You can buy your tickets 60 days in advance depending up until 2 days prior to your departur. Receive discounted fares by purchasing an Economy or Comfort class ticket in advance – (for the best deals purchase your tickets 2 months in advance).    

Special areas for outsize luggage on board. You can also take skis, pushchairs, dismantled cycles in a bike bag and water-sport boards. Discounted pet fares are available. You must carry your pet in a bag or basket. Left luggage lockers are available at certain French train stations. Special wheelchair areas on board

Espace Famille in Second Class is available for families where seats can be folded up and the tables folded away to leave a play area.

Some TGV trains are double deckers (TGV Duplex). TGV Ticket: 1st Class, 2nd Class or TGV Pro Business Travel. Seating reservations is compulsory

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Discounts & Special Offers

Children aged 4-11 years can avail of a discount. Youth discount for those aged 12-25 years. Senior discounts for those aged 60 and over.

Save up to 40% on your hotel when you present your train ticket at the hotel. A number of different hotels are involved in the offer. Please see TGV website for details. Take the train and get a discount on Avis Car Hire

Special route deals for example Paris-Geneva with TGV Lyria from only €20, by night from Paris to Barcelona with Elipsos, from Paris to Rennes by TGV, from London to Paris and from Paris to Nice.

Travel by night for low fares in second class couchettes, when you travel by Lunea.