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Getting Around

Airport to Train Station

Nuremburg: Subway line connects the Airport to the central city train station every 12 minutes. Friedrichshafen: Train station across from the Arrivals section operates hourly rides to the city. Karlsruhe- Baden: Airport and the Baden–Baden railway station connected by bus. Frankfurt Main: Use the S-Bahn from the Airport to connect to the main rail station. Frankfurt Hahn: Bus service at the airport to train station. There is also a shuttle bus to Mainz. Berlin – Schönefeld: 300 metre walk to the train station then airport Express trains to the main stations, takes 30 mins. Hannover: Terminal C connects to the main Railway Station via S-Bahn, takes 15-20 minutes. Dortmund – Wickede: Bus runs from the Airport terminal to the nearest rail station. Munich: Airport Train station located on the basement level of the central area. Cologne – Bonn: Airport Railway S-Bahn connects to Cologne city centre and the main station. Dusseldorf: The airport terminal station runs to the city centre. Weeze/Niederrhein: Buses from train stations in Dusseldorf, Essen, Cologne/Köln to the airport

Tickets & Discounts

Children under 15 travel for free when accompanied by parent/guardian. Children travelling on their own receive 50% discount. Children under 6 always travel for free. Discounts available for group travel. Saver Fares are available for those who travel regularly. Reduced prices on certain routes throughout Europe.

Great discounts when you use the BahnCard or saver fares. Travel on public transport for free after your rail journey. Travel for free with City Ticket in over 100 cities in Germany by public transport. Reduced reservation prices with a Mobility BahnCard 100. Special DB German Rail pass with unlimited travel for 3-10 days within a four week period on all rail services. Reduced prices for youths.

Savings on Weekend special ticket (5 persons travelling together). Discounts on German regional ticket for up to 5 people travelling together. Valid on all regional and S-Bahn trains. Group discounts for six adults or more travelling together. Discounts on standard fares with the BahnCard25 and the BahnCard50. BahnCard 100 offers 12 months travel on all DB services. DB Bahn’s Special Ticket is a continuous discount for single travellers through Germany.

 Business – free Deutsche Bahn corporate programme with a range of  benefits for companies and self-employed customers. Save between 3-10% depending on the value of Deutsche Bahn tickets (tickets, seat reservation and BahnCards) purchased on a yearly basis. 

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Seats and Beds – Economy and Business class seating.

IC trains are standard 1st and 2nd class seating arrangements with no specialities.  ICE 1st Class has laptop power sockets and individual video screens, designated quiet zones, exclusive lounges at certain stations, etc. E.

When travelling on the City Night Line sleeper you have the option of 4-6 berth cabins. City Night Line offers seat, couchette or comfortable sleeper (with shower etc facilities) to different European destinations. Reclining seats offer plenty of space, reclining foot and head rests, electrical outlets, personal lighting and a coat hanger. The seats can be quite hard so if sleeping overnight, so maybe bring a small blanket or pillow onboard. Reservations are required for sleeping accommodation.

Baggage  – A reservation and a small fee must be completed before you can bring your bicycle on board an InterCity train in Germany. Bikes aren’t allowed on high-speed ICE trains.

Onboard Services - Wireless internet access is available aboard the ICE trains and at DB lounges. Special parent and child compartment with changing facilities and a small play area. Small conference rooms available for business meetings.

Station stuff - Munich, Hamburg, Düsseldorf & other main stations in Germany are huge. German stations have big size lockers, open 24 hours a day. They can fit two suitcases.   Berlin Hauptbahnhof has no lockers, but a staffed ‘Gepack center’ (left luggage).

The Small Print

Book tickets up to 90 days in advance.Seating reservation is compulsory on the ICE Sprinter trains, Thalys (between Köln and Aachen), Berlin-Warszawa Express (between Berlin and Frankfurt/Oder) trains. Not compulsory but it is recommended to reserve on the ICE, EuroCity and Railjet. All seat reservations can be done via the Bahn website. You can reserve a seat up to 3 months in advance. For smaller local trains, reservation is usually not possible.