RedBookNow on traintripmaster.comThalys provides direct train services to Paris, Brussels and Cologne. Offering both Economy and Business accommodation with special deals and discounts throughout the year.

Provides direct links to 17 cities including Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam and Cologne

You can buy your train ticket 60 to 120 days in advance. No check-in or customs procedures before boarding the Thalys trains, these occur upon boarding the train. Special seating area for those in wheelchairs.

Each passenger is allowed two suitcases and one piece of luggage. Children under 12 are not allowed to travel alone. Special Family Compartments are available at no extra cost.

Thalys Comfort 1 class includes meals served at your seat, taxi reservation service, free internet connection and access to the VIP lounges in select stations.

Wi-Fi available onboard for all passengers, at charge. Seat reservations are compulsory and may be expensive!

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Discounts & Special Offers    

Youth discounts available for those aged 12-25 years. Senior discounts for those aged 60 and over. Children aged 4-11 receive a reduced fare. Children under 4 – go free.

Price discounts available when travelling to Bruges on trains and hotels. Thalys night is a return ticket to visit Brussels, Cologne or Aachen by night, with low fares.

Thalys Day offers you a reduced rate for your return day ticket in the week or at the weekend from Paris – Brussels, with prices starting for low fares.

Paris – Amsterdam or Cologne: reduction for 3 to 5 passengers travelling together.

Pass Business gives 30% discount in Comfort 1 or Comfort 2 for last minute bookings or up to 50% discount on early bookings. Pass Premium. Pass Weekend.