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Via Rail is the main passenger rail network provider in Canada.  Nearly all VIA Rail stations at located downtown.

Two carry on bags are allowed on trains and generally the check baggage service is provided free of charge.

Most train routes are offered on all-inclusive VIA Rail travel packages. Blanket & pillow kits are available to buy.

Seating reservations are not available on VIA Rail. VIA don’t accept Debit cards.

Three different styles of onboard sleeping /seating accommodation with VIA Rail: Renaissance, Stainless Steal and LRC.

Route guides are provided on board. Seating varies between coach and sleeper class. Meals are free for business/sleeping class.

Hot Showers are available to sleeping passengers either at the end of each corridor or in bedroom style cabins depending on your ticket.

Wi-Fi is available onboard most trains and lounges


Ticket Types

Special  Non-exchangeable and non-refundable

Supersaver Exchangeable and refundable with a service charge

Discounted  Exchangeable and refundable with a service charge

Regular Exchangeable and refundable without service charge

Corporate : For companies with direct discount for corporate events

All fares can be fully refundable prior to the paper ticket being issued, if cancelled within 24 hours of booking online and before scheduled train departure.

Book in advance for cheaper fares. Ticket fares will be higher during holiday season (June to Mid Oct). Special deals or discounts cannot be combined.


Special Offers

VIA Rail provides special deals on last minute train departures on their Deals website

These change weekly and can be anything up 30-70% off the original price

Special deals are offered on the major VIA Rail routes.

Special deals available for Economy, Business and Sleeper Touring class seating

Special deals are non-refundable or cannot be exchanged



All discounts are applicable when you book online



Infants travel free as long as they don’t occupy a seat and they must be seated on the adults lap for the entire duration of the journey.

One infant per adult.The infants name must be provided prior to the scheduled journey


Kids (2-11yrs)

Get 50% discount off the adult fare on most fare plans (50% applies to economy class).

Kids travelling on Business class or Sleeper, Touring and Sleeper Touring classes get a discount

Children under 7 must be accompanied by an adult.



Students receive 30% off economy class, 10% off sleeper classes and 10% off multi day passes.

International Student Identity Card (ISIC) required. Students between 12 and 17 must also carry proof of age.

Student discount offers on the Canrailpass-System/Canrailpass- Corridor passes.

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Youth 18-25

Get 25% off economy class, 10% sleeper class and 10% off multi-day passes.

Also available for touring and sleeping touring classes.Youth discount offers on the Canrailpass-System/Canrailpass-Corridor passes.


Seniors (60+)

Seniors get 10% off economy class. Special offers are also available on a year round basis. Most visiting attractions and bus companies in Canada offer reduced fares for seniors. Proof of age required.



Groups receive discounts if 10 or more individuals are combined together as a group. For every 20 tickets bought as a group, one group leader gets his/her ticket for free. Applies to economy class only.

Advance Purchase Discounts

Booking in advance for cheaper fares.


Small print

Via Rail fare tickets and passes are all bookable online.

Once you’ve bought your tickets, they may be collected in any station or printed at the self-service ticketing kiosk.

Your printed booking confirmation can also be used as an e-ticket. Proof of ID is required when picking up your tickets.

Tickets are refundable before the departure date and upon receipt.

Seats and Beds

Economy Class

More competitive fares for economy class tickets. Economy class seating is available for all VIA Rail trains. Baggage Service for the economy class tickets. Access to the Economy Class ‘Skyline’ car and the ‘vista dome’. Reserved seating is not always available; economy class passengers are normally segregated according to passenger destination points.


Business Class

Available on the most southern Quebec and southern Ontario trains. All Business class seats are reserved. Free Wi-Fi. Complementary meal and drink. Panorama Lounges at major urban stations; business class ticket holders do not stand in the queue!


Sleeping Class

Choice of private 2 berth bedroom or 1 berth roomette with berths in, double, triple and quadruple cabins, includes a private washroom and blanket kit, shower kit and access to an on-board shower. Baggage Service available.


Sleeper Touring Class (Sleepers)

Touring class includes all the sleeper class norms.Complimentary meals. Access to the observation-lounge car, the vista dome lounge and the bullet lounge. Priority boarding in Montreal and Halifax

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Baggage Guidelines

Carry-on Luggage is subject to maximum weight and size limits, bags must be labelled and VIA Rail reserves the right to refuse items onboard the train that cannot be stored or handled. Carried at your own risk

Check-in Luggage services are offered at some stations and baggage must be booked in one hour before departure, must be labelled. Baggage exceeding the dimension and weight limits must be checked in including backpacks, sporting equipment, strollers and musical instruments