RedBookNow on traintripmaster.comOperates IC and ICE trains between Vienna and Linz, Salzburg, Graz and the district of Carinthia and also on major international routes. National railway provider for Austria. Operates a rail connection in a tiny country called Liechtenstein between Switzerland and Austria.

OBB Classes: Economy Class, First Class & Premium Class. Luggage courier services on offer. Wheelchair access/facilities are provided on most trains. Some trains have a quiet zone for peace and relaxation.

Club Lounges in Austrian stations and personalised compartment service onboard for 1st class. Lockers are available at most major stations. Provides hourly InterCity and Eurotrain services to major cities in Austria and neighbouring countries

Bikes can be brought on most medium-long distance trains, if space is available. On Intercity and Eurocity trains, passengers have to buy a one day bike ticket.  

Seat reservations are required for rail pass holders on Intercity and Eurocity trains and can be done so by contacting OBB or at the station. Reservation fee for certain international rail journeys. Seating reservations not needed for local domestic trains.

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Train Types

OBB Railjet; From Vienna via Salzburg to Innsbruck, Bregenz and Zurich, from Munich via Vienna to Budapest and to Stuttgart, Mannheim and Frankfurt.

OBB Eurocity & Intercity offer 1st class and 2nd class accommodation and a range of compartments/couchettes.

EuroNight Trains operated in Austria, Italy, Germany, and Switzerland with double decker sleeper cars, sleepers, couchettes and reclining seats.

City Night Line Trains are overnight trains which connect with lines in Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Czech Rebuplic.

Treski train travel to ski resorts in Austria, run on weekend nights. You can choose between a comfort and a couchette compartment. Local transport to your ski resort is provided.

Special Offers and Discounts

Kids under 15 travel free with parents. Under 26 – up to 50 % reduction. Women over 60 and men over 65 receive 50% off if they are VORTEILS card holders.Up to 50% reductions for people with limited mobility and blind people. Up to a 25% discount on direct connections between Austria and Italy for business customers

Special train/ski pass fares. Group ticket for two to five people valid on suburban and regional service trains as well as on the Raaberbahn. Members of a group travelling together in one class to the same destination receive a reduction 30%-40%

Cheap car rental for OBB customers.  Family pass Lower Austria and Salzburg offers reductions on the standard fare and children under 15 can travel for free with their parents. RAILPLUS cards available to purchase for youths and senior travellers on the OBB website offering 25 % reduction for cross-border international rail fares.

Special VORTEIL Scards are available for travelling families, under 26, the elderly, military service, business related travel, individuals who suffer from blindness and disabilities.

Wedelweiss-Ticket includes the outward and return journey by rail, the transfer to/from your accommodation and a ski pass for either 6 or 3 days.  25 % reduction on travel to different EVENTS, fairs, etc. ÖBB’s Snow & Fun Ticket – train journey + transfer + ski pass for the day. Einfach-Raus Ticket – Group ticket for two to five people. Valid on OBB’s suburban and regional trains and the Raaberbahn.

Members of a group travelling together can get a reduction on ÖBB of 30% – 40%. Travel groups starting from six people receive a 50 % reduction (off peak) on ALLEGRO tickets (2nd class) to Italy and back. VORTEILScard holders gain advantageous prices for rail travel in Austria, but also 25 % reduction for cross-border international rail journeys. Minimax ticket when travelling in small groups between 2-5 people.

BB BUSINESS card gives a reduction in travel to neighbouring countries and for travel within Germany.