RedBookNow on traintripmaster.comSBB is the national rail provider of Switzerland. Swiss trains have a high standard of punctual and offer great services onboard.

SBB trains provide have high standards of comfort and service with free Wi-Fi and even kids playrooms available.  Seating accommodation for both 2nd and 1st are both equally spacious and comfortable.  Quiet zones, business zones, Wi-Fi zones, family zones and family coaches are available on some coaches.

SBB are also well known for having an exceptionally high standard for punctuality.

Dogs are allowed, provided owners pay for a special train ticket (normally 50% off the standard fare).

Plenty of scenic trains to take whilst travelling in Switzerland like the Glacier- Express (Express seating reservation is must) Even taking long journeys throughout Switzerland, the scenery is overall beautiful, with views of the Alps and countryside.

Bikes are allowed in the luggage van free of charge on most domestic trains. No luggage restrictions onboard and ski allowed (must be packaged). Local domestic trains do not require reservation.  International train routes between Switzerland to Italy (Zurich, Bern – Milano, Venezia) require a reservation fee.

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Train Types

 The SBB runs the following trains at all stations: IC – major cities, CityNightLine- for Zurich & Basel, S-Bahn/RER -Commuter train, RE Regional areas.

Special Offers & Discounts

50% discount applies for kids age 6 and kids age 15 years or under whilst travel with parents. Under 5yrs of age travel free with parents. With the purchase of Swiss Half Fard Card; you get 50% discount off 1st/2nd class rail, bus service, boat service and mountain trains. 50% on urban transportation for the main Swiss cities.

Plenty of discounts on guided bus tours and several hotel chains across Switzerland