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Airport to Train Station: Helsinki: Local bus no.61 from the main railway station to Helsinki Airport.


Ticket types – Children under 6 free, 6-16 inclusive child fare. Children under the age of six may travel free of charge without a seat reservation. If parents wish to ensure a seat is available for their child, they have to buy a junior ticket

Group discounts 15% or 20 % on long-distance journeys for instance: 3-10 person groups (15% off); minimum 11 person groups (20% off). Passengers travelling with a discount ticket are not considered as members of a group.

Student/ Youth –Youth fares are available for anyone under 26. School children and students of a minimum of 17 years are entitled to the group discount. A foreign student in a Finnish educational establishment is granted a 50% student discount.

Senior - Persons of min. 65 yrs of age and holders of a pensioner’s card approved by VR are entitled to the group discount.

Business – Business Class tickets are available with added benefits, such as breakfast/snacks, free headphones, daily newspapers, onboard wireless internet etc.


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Seats and Beds – In addition to the blue sleeping-cars, there are double-deck sleeping-cars in traffic on the overnight route between Helsinki and Rovaniemi

Baggage – InterCity and Pendolino trains, luggage can be transported to the halls and set aside for the compartments of trains. Bicycle transportation is also possible by InterCity trains, but the bike seat is always reserved in advance at the time. If you are travelling with large luggage, it must be kept in a separate luggage car. Bikes can also be transported on regional and express trains.

Station stuff – Many of the major railway stations have lockers where you have to pay a small fee. These luggage storage fees vary. Also, safes vary in size and most stations offer larger luggage storage.

The Small Print; High Speed Pendolino train requires seating reservation. Reservations are not required on Intercity (IC) trains, but it is recommended as they can be busy.